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Vassilis Pitoulis

Vassilis Pitoulis is a greek photographer born and raised in Bologna (Italy). He started experimenting with fashion photography as a young man living in Paris in the 80s. Due to family obligations, he did not devote himself fully to fine art until much later. It was after a life-threatening health issue event that he decided to leave everything behind and devote himself fully to the art of fashion/nude photography. His works are primarily in black and white, as he loves to play with light and the shadows of expression. Women are the main source of his inspiration. His models are elegant, beautiful yet fearless, and bold: there is nothing they can’t do! They are free to express femininity as they wish, without limits, and will often be amused to participate with the photographer in a more ironic and playful interpretation of reality.
We can see Vassilis Pitoulis’ work constantly making magazine covers and being very present on social media, gaining thousands of followers and attention on a daily basis. His ambition drives him across the world on a never-ending quest to render his ideas and inspirations.

Vassilis is featured on issue 13

Vassilis Pitoulis


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