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Anna Nesterenko

I am Anna a model from Ukraine. Modeling has been an important part of my life since I was 16 years old. I am a creative person and dancing, acting, plasticity and flexibility of the body, it all helps me to express myself while shooting. I really love old cinema, immersion in this atmosphere inspires me for my creativity, for expressing myself as a model in the frame, forms a taste and understanding of beauty. I am very inspired by real emotions and feelings in the frame, I want the viewer to feel something when they see me – not only external beauty but also mood, what I wanted to say in this photo. I am also inspired by the beauty of the female body, the energy and sexuality of a woman. There is an insanely amount of beauty in this, it conquers. That’s why I love nude photography so much and especially David’s work. I was in love with his photos, with his talent at first sight. David is a photographer with whom I am ready to experiment, to reveal my sexuality to the maximum, because I know that the result will be amazing. Magnifik is a magazine with a unique and sexy atmosphere in every frame, it shows the incredible beauty of a woman, and it is a work of photographic art.
My experience filming with David is unforgettable. I am happy that I met him , that I created with him and became a Magnifique model.

Anna is featured on issue 20

Anna Nesterenko


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Anna Nesterenko


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