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Starting on April 12, You will start collecting credits for your future purchases on Magnifik Magazine. The credits will be available for you to use, after your next renewal. In order to use your credits, look for the Redeem button on checkout. Credits will apply to all Magnifik content besides memberships. You need to collect at least 125 credits in order to redeem your credits. We hope it will help you to get more Magnifik content! Enjoy!

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Questions & Answers

Here you can find some common answers regarding Magnifik Magazine membership plans

Q: What do I get when subscribing to Magnifik Extra plan?

A: We recommend subscribing to the extra subscriptions, that way you will see all the photos in the magazine, see all the blog posts of the current month, including videos and behind the scenes. For the previous issue’s content, there will be a few of $25. The Hi-Res photos, and photosets, are available to purchase for all members. The Extra member, can purchase them all. We also added a new membership – Exclusive! This new membership is for members who want to get even more! We have listed all the benefits on the subscription page.


Q: How the Plus membership is different from the Extra membership?

A: The Plus has fewer available photos to watch in the magazine, but it has more photos to watch than the basic plan. The Plus membership will allow you to view the plus-related photos on the blog of the same month, without additional charge, but the video posts, and the Behind the scenes posts, won’t be available to the Plus membership. Like the Extra members, The Plus, allows you to purchase the Hi-Res and the Photosets from the website.


Q: What is the basic plan it offers?

A: The Basic membership will allow you limited access to the photos in the magazine. You will be able to purchase some of the Hi-Res photos and the Photosets if you wish. There will be no access to the blog posts but you can purchase each post individually. 


Q: Magnifik is Awesome! I would like to upgrade my plan to view more of the content, Do I need to pay the full amount for upgrading?

A: Not anymore, we made some adjustments that you will pay only the difference between the plans when you upgrade. We also added an option to subscribe to an annual plan and save $.


Q: I have subscribed to the plus/extra plan, but the photosets and the hi-res photos are still locked.

A: Yes. That is true. A subscription doesn’t allow you to unlock the photosets or the Hi-res photos, but you can see more of the photos, in the magazine itself. If you would like to purchase Hi-Res photos and photosets, you have the option to do so. Also, you should see the link to purchase each photo, in the magazine itself. The new Magnifik Exclusive membership will let you 3 photosets of your choice for free each month!


Q: How can I purchase a print of one of the photos?

A: You can click on the printer icon in the magazine in order to order the print of the photo you have selected. You can also click on Shop, in the main menu, or under the magnifik talents menu, you should have a link to order prints by talent.


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