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Brittany Burke

My name is Brittany Burke, I’m originally from Grosse pointe Michigan, I am now based in New York City and have lived here for a whole decade. I came to the city for modeling and fell in love. I am signed with Select Models. I am very much into healing work as well as mental and physical health. In fact I am working on a company based around that idea called Safe Haven. I am inspired by nature and adventures. Such as traveling to remote places, surfing, hiking, skiing, waterfall diving, scuba diving. I really love to challenge myself to try new things I’ve never done and have a bit of a rush. I do love a little lavish on top of it all. As balance is key. I also studied business management at fashion institute of technology now a graduate. As I also am very inspired by fashion and design and love the way business works so decided to study all Incorporated to that idea. I am now doing a bit of fashion, beauty, travel and influencing.
I consider magnifique is a cold refreshing drink on a hot summers day, feeling some sand on my toes, spending time with a lover staying up until late talking about who knows what, laughing until the sun comes up with a best friend, my moms home made cookies, simplicity such as watching the sunset, a really satisfying delicious meal, even that feeling of achievement I get after doing something I thought I couldn’t, or the relief I feel after going for a long hike. Those are the things to be considered magnifique to me. Xx

Brittany is featured on issue 14

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