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Alle Johnson

What is Magnifik to me?

The gift of being present.

In doing so, we’re able to find beauty everywhere and in everything in life.

From the tiny droplets of water on a blade of grass to the face of a stranger staring back at us. It’s appreciating each moment we’re in, and being present enough to realize it.

It’s that feeling none other than pure gratitude and joy such as laughing with your friends, hugging your family, or kissing your lover. As I’m growing older, I am understanding that the meaning of life is simply in living it.

We’re taught to consistently work towards finding our happiness and I have learned over time that it lies within us, just as we are, where we are.

It’s the power in knowing that our moments are fleeting, so we must be present to live life with our eyes open as to not miss the true beauty and magnificence that surrounds us every single day.

Alle xx

Alle is featured on issue 11

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