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Laurel Kidd

What is Magnifik for me?
The ever-changing world around us and the continuous evolution of every being.
The fact we have the power to make our own decisions every day and how we allow experiences to shape us a certain way.

The ability to freely express ourselves through creativity and art, to share a beautiful piece of us before our souls depart.
My name is Laurel and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Throughout my childhood, I was extremely shy as I had a rare anxiety disorder called selective mutism. I was unable to show any emotions or facial expressions in the photographs taken; I was intensely afraid to reveal so much as just a smile. As I transitioned to adulthood, I saw how sometimes that silent Laurel is still very well alive inside. But in order to live beautifully and authentically, we must faithfully carry who we once were while we embrace and love every version of ourselves.
We are in a constant state of evolution and hold the potential to be exactly who we need to be.
And that is truly magnifique to me.

Laurel is featured on issue 11

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