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Monika Wsolak

I am a young woman, but I have noticed that the world we live in is constantly getting more complicated.
I wonder why we need all these inventions. They can certainly make our lives easier. But has anyone asked themselves whether an easier life is a happier life?

There are more and more views and theories around us to explain our world. This makes it more and more challenging to decide which of them would be wise to follow and which not.
In this jungle of words and ideas, we have to find our way somehow. Many people are wandering through it.
I, too, am searching for my identity.
I was lucky enough to be born in Poland, in the countryside, in a place famous for its natural beauty. I grew up among forests, mountains and animals. This gave me a firm backbone. I believe that we should stay in a close relationship with nature. It teaches us admiration for itself but also distance from ourselves. It also teaches us to distance ourselves from what is offered to us by a civilisation that winks at us non-stop.
I follow her voice, it helps me to be myself.

To resist the temptation of feeling happiness through things for which you have to pay dearly at times of your life. And haven’t we all succumbed a little to this illusion that happiness can be reached by absorbing various pleasures ?
For me, nudity is a natural state, an element that connects me to nature. For me, it is not associated with a sense of embarrassment or shame.
We should feel shame for many other reasons. Today we are probably more naked when it comes to higher feelings than ever. We need to dress our insides back up.

By the time I met David, everyone photographing me had put make-up on. I would like to thank him at this point for freeing me from it and thus removing the last element separating me from nature 🙂
This became in one of the main reasons why I decided to show my body to a wider audience at Magnifik.

Magnifik is a place, where beauty naturalness and eroticism meet.

Monika is featured on issue 21

Monika Wsolak


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Monika Wsolak


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