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MAGnifiK celebrates beauty of all kinds and in all forms. It is polymorphous and only exists to exalt and idealise Beauty. MAGnifiK plunges us into a contemplative state, attentive, admiring of the Beautiful. MAGnifiK transcends. It is eternal and timeless.

MAGnifiK is them, is you, is us. By initiating ourselves into the mysteries of Art, we renounce discourse and engage in contemplation, which is to emotion what knowledge is to the intellect. There, the reader’s curiosity is satisfied. It practices its joy in Art, experiences the unity of consciousness beyond disruptive thought. Contemplation allows us to free ourselves from the bondage of the perceptible, from desires and opinions, and to reach the perfection of our nature. The self-sufficiency that results from it is a contemplation which is at once supreme knowledge and a direct vision of celestial reality, and so an initiation into delicacy.


David Bellemere was born and raised in Paris. During his high-school years, he discovered photography, which led him to study visual arts after his baccalaureate. While in college, David caught the eye of various French magazines that commissioned him in his early 20s. David is recognized for his unique light, colors, and composition, always celebrating beauty. The adjectives most often used to describe his pictures are sensual, delicate, and feminine.

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